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Financing Available. Lease the BIG FIVE for as little as $390 per month.

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The UXS. The ultimate body weight exercise station.

The Ultimate Body Weight Station with over 22 different exercises. This is a heavy duty commercial grade piece made to last a life time.

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As a Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Washington Redskins and the Jacksonville Jaguars, it was my job to optimize our player’s physical potential to maximize performance and minimize injury. To successfully achieve this end, it is essential to have tools that are DURABLE, DEPENDABLE & DESIGNED TO PRODUCE MAXIMAL RESULTS IN AN ORTHOPEDICALLY SAFE MANNER. Additionally, the company must deliver quality and timely customer service. The Avenger strength training equipment from Regeneration meets all these requirements. I appreciated the engineering and craftsmanship that went into the design of these superior machines. This only reinforced my belief of your commitment to manufacturing a quality product at an economical price. As a result, I utilized and will continue to include the Avenger strength training equipment within the Strength Training Protocols of the athletes I train. Sincerely, Mark Asanovich Strength & Conditioning Coach

Avenger plate loading equipment is entirely unique, with some pieces having become collectors items for many strength training enthusiasts. Specifically, the Leg Press goes miles in solving the problems inherent in squatting, and the design flaws in many machines. As such, it is a critical part of our training. To have these machines available again is a blessing for those who appreciate strength training equipment design and function. - Michael Bradley, Florida State Basketball Strength Coach

First I would like to say thank you Ken Kepler and the Regeneration team for making, probably the most beautiful machines we have ever seen. We decided to source Avenger plate loaders, because after experiencing Medx Selectorized equipment, training at Kieser training and at various US locations as well as using some Avenger plate loading equipment, we knew they were very good machines with considerable research behind their design compared to most other standard equipment. Our fitness center already has a circuit of Medx Selctorized and so when we decided to expand we did not really want to consider any other brands Some of our clients are fairly strong and several men in general, are still interested in weights/plates equipment so to satisfy most of our customers requests and needs, we decided to purchase plate loading equipment We knew it might prove difficult to find a whole line of Avenger plate loaders as they were discontinued at Medx Corp so we almost decided for Hammer Strength After some research, we discovered Regeneration not only did refurbished Medx sales but had started to remanufacture Avenger plate loaders as well as have used stock.We asked Ken Kepler about which Avenger pieces he had for sale and which he could potentially make new for us Ken was very forthcoming and informed us he could make the pieces we desired and at prices we found reasonable. Prices were comparable and in fact at times more reasonable than single pierces on the used market if one considers freight costs for individual pieces across the country, versus one large container load from Regeneration. Purchasing the Regeneration Avenger plate loaders you will not only get “a plate loading” machine but years of passion, design and research investment by the Arthur Jones Medx Team Ken Kepler and Regeneration became our one stop solution for the purchase of new machines. …and will be so in the future as we continue to grow. Not only did Regeneration supply all the machines we desired but they did so with ease and a very service oriented attitude. They made all the machines according to our needs, arranged shipping to suit our schedule There was no need to search for used Avenger equipment across the country at inflated prices. Ken was very helpful, dependable and is a man conviction. With Ken (former director of the University of Florida MEDX spinal certification) and his team you can be sure to get the very best refurbished Medx as well as newly made Avenger plate loaders to unbeatable prices. Even if one could source a used Avenger machine somewhere else, by the time the costs for new powder coat, new upholstery etc and individual shipping has been added , the price would be more than from Regeneration …. In fact a brand new Avenger Pullover from Regeneration was 1000$ cheaper than a used piece from a Nautilus/ Medx reseller elsewhere as it was “collector’s item”….. Yes, one can find Hammer strength and some other generic brands more reasonably priced than Avenger but one has to consider the research and development behind the design of these machines. Arthur Jones founded MedX Corporation, in which he invested more than 40 millions + to develop medical-based exercise and testing equipment. His quest was to perfect medical equipment for testing human strength, endurance and range of motion. Arthur Jones also spent possibly close to 40 million during his time with Nautilus Many fitness trainers and enthusiasts as well as fitness professionals, may express that specifics brand or a machine is better or feels better….but this based on what?Feel? Strain? Pump?,….. Even if it feels a certain way does not necessarily mean it is correctly designed or is more efficient in stimulating the muscular system Proper joint function, adjustability, and appropriate strength curves, bio mechanics as well as build quality, you can be certain that there are no other brands who has put as much research and funding into it as Medx The Avengers are virtually frictionless machines, some with even better strength curves than the selectorized Medx The application of an exercise itself may be considered equally important as the equipment but we believe that purchasing the Avenger equipment from Regeneration was the most logical step to get the best equipment to combine with our Exercise application. Safe and maximum results, in minimal time Medx spent a considerable amount time and recourses into research and made strength training and equipment pure science, and designed avenger plate loaders. We believe this equipment is not only the most productive tool but medically correct…so why use anything less? all we can say , we love the Avengers! Avenger Leg press – Actually favorite amongst ladies when used in the Squat position Avenger Chest Press – Our men could not be happier….and finally feel Macho! Avenger Pullover – A must in any serious upper Back program Avenger Leg Extension – Great, for guys, as Ladies often occupy the Medx…. Avenger Pull down - Great stretch and strength curve as it drops off. As well as the multiple grip choices. We hear a common and repeated expression with use of Avengers and Medx compared to other machines…” You can really feel it deep inside inside the muscles. Really isolates like nothing else” Eirik Andreassen, Kenya Eccentric Approach Fitness