We Ship MedX Medicals & MedX Exercise Worldwide


For over 10 years, Regeneration Equipment has delivered superior MedX equipment all over the world! We back all of our machines with our exclusive warranty and 24/7 service. Whether you need newly refurbished medicals or pre-owned exercise equipment, full MedX lines or a mix of both, our mission is to provide you quality you can count on.


Regeneration Equipment was founded by Ken Kepler, exercise physiologist and director of the MedX spinal rehabilitation certification program at the University of Florida. In his role as Director, he trained clinicians around the globe on the proper utilization of MedX medical and exercise equipment. Ken is a frequent consultant and trainer for practices wanting to successfully add MedX to their practice. As the owner of his own physical therapy clinic and private training studio, Ken’s knowledge and understanding of MedX goes beyond proper utilization and proven medical benefits. Ken understands the business side of owning MedX equipment. He has a passion to see companies and clinicians make a profit with their equipment while providing the best service they can for their clients.  Ken’s team has the unique ability to completely disassemble, refurbish and reassemble every piece of MedX equipment. Whether you need quality equipment for a great price, consulting on the ins and outs of owning a successful MedX practice, upgrading your MedX software, or basically anything MedX, Regeneration Equipment is here for you.

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